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BOOK: Scrum

Agile Product Development for Success

In its third edition, Rafa's Scrum book is now finally available in English. For the time being, you can purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon worldwide. Or, if you are one of Rafa's students, you can download the book for free from this page.


The Book

Scrum challenges the prevailing notion that product development efforts should adhere to the structured, managed, and evaluated approach of Taylorism, typically applied to repetitive and predictable factory work. This framework advocates for continuous learning and frequent adaptation, which are crucial for organizations to thrive in the dynamic and ever-changing modern environment.

In this book, Rafael Sabbagh offers an in-depth exploration of Scrum, rooted in the agile values and principles that form its foundation, along with its accountabilities, artifacts, commitments, and events. Through the author's insights, good practices, and additional techniques, organizations can effectively adopt Scrum in their product development, enabling meaningful transformations of what is necessary.

Updated Edition

In this third edition, Rafael Sabbagh conducts a comprehensive revision of the content, aligning it with the most current version of the official Scrum guide and incorporating new developments and learnings that have emerged from the framework's practice in recent years. This edition also shifts a greater focus on products rather than projects and adds fun facts and a historical view of how Scrum has evolved over the years.

Publication date (3rd ed.): February 22, 2024 

Print Length: 534 pages

Language: English



If you are one of Rafa's students and you are registered on this website, you can download the book for free here. It doesn't matter which class you took (Scrum, Kanban, Product Management, or any other). Just ensure you are logged in, click on the button, and follow the instructions below:

For all Kindle devices (including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, and Kindle apps):

  • Download your book to any device (mobile or desktop).

  • Upload the book directly to your Kindle library at (requires logging in to your Kindle account).

  • The book will be available for all your Kindle devices.

For mobile devices (iPhone/iPad or Android):

  • Download the free Kindle app from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Google Play (Android).

  • Download the book (epub file) to your mobile device or share it from your desktop computer.

  • Locate your book in your device's storage (Files app for iPhone/iPad or file manager app for Android) and tap on it. You might need to choose "Kindle" or "Share to Kindle" to add the book to your Kindle library and Kindle app.

For Desktop computer (Mac or PC):

Important Note:

  • It may take a few minutes for your book to appear on your Kindle device after adding it.

OR... Buy it on Amazon

You can purchase the Kindle version of the book on Amazon worldwide. This is the link to

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